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The chocolate vegan cupcake box is a delightful assortment of cupcakes that are entirely plant-based. Each box contains four flavours inspired by tropical fruits, such as pineapple, coconut, mango, and passionfruit. With their vibrant colours and delicious taste, the tropical dozen cupcake box is a perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in guilt-free, tropical-inspired treats.



Chocolate coconut cupcake topped with chocolate coconut frosting coated in coconut bits.

Chocolate Boston

Moist chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla custard topped with chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Praline

Chocolate cupcake filled with hazelnut biscuit spread topped with praline frosting and roasted hazelnuts.

Chocolate Sundae

Chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

Available in:
Box of 4
Box of 12

Please note: All of our products may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, nuts, soya.

Additional Information:
Our cupcakes by post are packed with dry-ice and a re-usable insulated liner to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Upon receipt, the cupcakes should be left out to come to room temperature before enjoying. What's more, they can be delivered to any address in the UK. Now that's what we call handmade happiness!

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